The world of tarot has always attracted us because of its great symbolic charge and its well-cared aesthetics. It is a world that has always inspired intrigue and respect in us and, although this collection has been brewing in our minds for a long time, we knew we would not release it until it was as we had imagined it. Today, finally, we can say that that day has arrived.

I'm not going to lie to you, getting here has not been easy. Although we had been wanting to make a collection inspired by the tarot for a long time, it is a world with such a symbolic charge that we wanted to do it very well. We wanted you to feel identified and inspired in equal parts. One of the things we loved about the tarot is interpreting it as a source of symbols that help us give answers to life's dilemmas. Not because the universe has decided for us, no. We decide what to do with our life. Always. We are the riders. The universe can provide us with guidance and the different cards, at the right time, can help us make the right decisions and feel peace with what we have had to live through or with those decisions we have decided to make.

This collection has required a lot, a lot of research. Investigation not only to know in detail all the symbology, that although we have always liked the tarot, there was a lot of symbology to take into account, but also an arduous investigation of materials and techniques, in order to have a result that is not only beautiful but balanced and coherent with the theme.
We are very proud of the result due to the detail that this collection has acquired. You already know how much we love crafts and we place great value on artisan and local work that creates special pieces.

As always, this time we bring you TINY earrings, MAXI earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. It is a collection in which we have brought you a lot of gold and blue, but of course we have not neglected our hallmark: color.

TINY earrings represent symbols from astrology and tarot. Temperance, a Greek jug with overflowing water, a symbol of spirituality and a positive mentality; Strength, which is a defiant and roaring lion, a symbol of courage and bravery; Cherub, mediating angel bearer of good advice; Devil, a ram symbol of creativity, passion, and lust; Sunflower, a symbol that always accompanies the sun to represent the four kingdoms... and many more.

And as you will see, we do not neglect thoroughness and details. Many of them are accompanied by stones such as moonstone, set in gold-plated silver, as in Ojo de la noche and Ojo del día, or stones such as Mozambique garnet that accompany Tiny Diablo. You will also see gold-plated silver inlaid pendants with zircons such as Archer, Moon, and Star and butterfly.

That meticulousness and that detail and variety of materials is transferred to our MAXI earrings, also inspired by the major arcana of the tarot cards: The Sun, The Devil, The Moon, The Star, The Priestess, The Chariot, The Force and The Lovers. . Some of them highly combinable in golden or silver tones, and others, as we always like, more extreme and special in full color.

We want to place special emphasis on the pair of earrings that give our collection its name, oracle. It is an incredibly fine piece, elegant and daring in equal measure. All of it is a 24-carat gold-plated piece, like all our TINYs, but this time in MAXI format, seasoned as always with pieces of methacrylate of various textures, and as always, highly light (although it may not seem so). Those eyes that see everything and that will make you feel like the queen of the place.

You will also see two resin rings, which are being liked so much, but this time in tones typical of the collection: navy blue, Astrology Bear and transparent, Clear Bear, to which you can choose the tone of the eyes when placing your order. But I warn you... you are not going to be the only ones . Be alert!

In this collection, necklaces could not be missing either. There are chain link or diamond necklaces, and natural stone bead necklaces in different shades of colors. Minerals such as agates, quartz, Aventurine, and jade among others. In the necklaces, as in the bracelet, you can choose the pendant that you prefer, or the tarot cards, or another pendant like the Sunflower or the Moon, etc.

Our highlight, without a doubt, in this collection, are our tarot cards in Tiny format with MAXI closure in gold-plated silver with colored zircons. I can assure you that they are the pieces that require the most hands, time and care. And I even dare to say that they are the most dedication they have required to date. And it has been worth it because they have been amazing. On this occasion, we have gone a step further and for the first time we have used the die and the 24K gold bath, accompanied by methacrylates of different shades and textures, to tell the story and stage the tarot cards. Our favourites, without a doubt.

And now, without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our cards...


Attraction and desire in the garden of Eden. This card shows a duality that symbolizes the balance and union of two opposing forces. The distance between the two lovers represents the power of choice and the responsibilities that one has to assume in all relationships. Balance and authentic emotions. Giving without receiving anything in return. This card represents reaching personal fulfillment before embarking on any union. Self love is the only way to mature and create a true connection.


A chariot, which symbolizes determination and conquest over any adversity, protected by the sphinx, representing mercy and justice. This card symbolizes travel, in every way. This card is action, moving forward to achieve our goals. It reminds us to seize the moment to achieve victory. Commitment and discipline. Without clear goals, the Chariot lacks balance. Now it is not time to be passive, now action, conviction and persistence are necessary to overcome all obstacles. A good charioteer avoids easy routes, does not look for shortcuts, seeks success.


The lion, symbol of courage and passion, symbol of the most animal desire, is the protagonist of The Force. The flowers that surround him, symbol of a controlled animal instinct, purity and connection with nature. This card symbolizes courage in the face of adversity, danger and difficult times. Compassion and patience, key elements to overcome all obstacles. Remember to stay calm in times of struggle. Trust your body and your mind: you will be able to control all situations with serenity and persistence. Trust your instincts and your most primitive emotions and master them with perseverance.


Elemental cycles govern the turning of The Wheel, like the changes of the seasons, like the evolutionary phases of life. Life is a cycle. The stops of the wheel are uncertain. The movement of the wheel reminds you that all transformation is continuous. Change is the only constant, and that brings relief while keeping you on your toes. Faced with the movement of the wheel and the changes in life, one has to be patient with everything that is out of our control, and open and flexible to adapt to everything that comes. "This too shall pass".


The Star illuminates, brings hope and inspiration. A great star stars in this card, surrounded by the seven stars that symbolize the seven chakras. The Star reminds you that everything you need, you will find it for what is a symbol of faith. Its illumination penetrates the darkness and removes the unnecessary from you. She is purity and reveals the purity of everything that surrounds you. She pushes you to grow. Energy, fertility, creation. Its power lies in sweetening, with its light, all the struggles you have to face.


The soft and dim light of the moon reveals hidden truths that need to be discovered. A wolf and a dog, symbolizing the wild and the tame, howl at the moon, while a crab, symbolizing the slow evolution towards truth, rises through the calm waters. The Moon offers clarity. Trust your instinct, rather than your reasoning, as it will guide you in the darkest moments. The Moon keeps you from negativity, inspires you to be constructive and to transform with determination when necessary. The Moon asks you to connect with the divine, with the world, to learn from nature and the circle of life.


A new day has come. The Sun symbolizes the source of all living things on Earth. The sun gives strength, offers abundance and vitality. The Sun symbolizes health, clarity and confidence, always leaving your ego aside. Innocence and purity. Four sunflowers represent the animal, vegetable, mineral and human kingdoms, all of them ruled by the Sun. This is the card of personal fulfillment. Victory over darkness. The Sun heats everything it touches. The Sun is the source of power and energy.

And do not forget: each one is master of his own destiny.