Brief history

Kiwipomelo is a Spanish accessories brand founded
by Tesi Rivera and Nuria Hernandez, mother and daughter. A brand that has become a great European adventure between Barcelona and London .

Our brand was born out of the need to create colourful, daring and light accessories for extroverted people and lovers of life, people who don't take things too seriously. We create accessories and jewelry to make you feel beautiful, special and different. Our thing is to create accessories, but we also know that nothing complements better than a smile. So we have set out to help you get the best of them!

Kiwipomelo fuses color, a sense of humor, elegance and craftsmanship. An optimistic way of seeing life reflected in handmade pieces that will bring out your most daring and joyful self.
We are inspired by anything that gives us a good feeling: memories, trips, a book, popular culture, or our daily routines.

Our jewelry is made by hand in our workshop in Barcelona , ​​so you can be sure that all our pieces have been made with great care and locally in Spain so that you feel better than ever with them .

If you like to see our work and news before anyone else, you can find us on Instagram at @kiwipomelo