Caring for your kiwipomelo jewelry

How to take care of your kiwipomelo jewelry so that it lasts like the first day:

There is nothing we love more than designing jewelry for you and imagining yourself wearing it every day and forever. In this article we are going to give you a series of recommendations and we are going to answer some of your frequently asked questions so that your kiwipomelo jewelry will always last like the first day .

It is important to understand the materials to know the care they need from their new owners. Kiwipomelo accessories and jewelry are characterized by two main materials: methacrylate and gold plating, and although they may require their own care, it all boils down to a universal truth: like all jewelry, kiwipomelo jewelry must be treated with carefully and with care .

Methacrylate is a wonderful material due to its high quality, wide range of colors and effects, and its lightness - it may seem that our earrings are very heavy but we can assure you, and we will never tire of repeating it, they weigh almost nothing -, but it is also a delicate material and susceptible to breakage in falls and scratches , so, to start with, we recommend that you always keep them in a jewelry box so that they do not collect dust or scratch in contact with others, and well ventilated and away from humidity (we'll explain why later) and that, when you put them on, you keep them away from certain chemicals , since it is a material that can crack if exposed to products such as alcohol (present in many colognes and creams).

Our 24K gold is also a delicate material. We made sure to work with one of the best gold professionals in Spain and we are very happy with the result, but if it is exposed to certain chemicals, water or sweat (some sweats are stronger than others), gold plated pieces They may end up losing bath over time . Of course , following our advice, they will remain as the first day. Although it is very tempting because you are going to look amazing with your kiwipomelo, avoid getting into the pool or the sea with them, to prevent them from cracking or losing their bath. Although we are going to be honest with you, if one summer day you are so relaxed that you no longer know what day you live in, and you get into the water with them, wearing your kiwipomelo earrings is the last of your problems: enjoy your bathroom! You don't have to run out of the water to save them. Unless a dolphin falls in love with them and tries to take them from you, nothing will happen to them if you ever bathe in them .

How to clean them :

The best way to clean your kiwipomelo jewelry, in most cases, is to use a glasses cloth to remove fingerprints or the cloth with which we send your order or a cotton pad moistened with water to remove possible stains. Do not use alcohol or soaps directly with the methacrylate. As we mentioned before, contact with them can crack it.

Aside from fingerprints or dust, your earrings may experience other types of stains. For example, on occasion you have been able to see matte stains on the back of your earrings or necklaces: don't worry, because they are the easiest thing in the world to remove.

There are times that after wearing them for a few hours (or the whole day, if you are one of ours) you can see, when you take them off, some stains, behind your earring, either on the back of your Tiny earrings or your Maxi earrings. . That is usually traces of sweat, or traces of makeup. Nothing happens, we recommend that you clean them with a chamois or towel as soon as you take them off .

"Nuria!! I didn't clean it right after I took off my earrings and it's dried up…” It's okay, girls. Moisten that chamois, cotton or towel a little, and rub gently. He will be leaving shortly.

Has the clasp of your Tiny earring darkened ?

It is not something common, but it is something that can be easily fixed. Don't worry! This usually happens when the earring has been stored for a while, in a poorly ventilated place and has picked up some moisture or if it has been exposed to cologne . This is normal with metals such as gold and silver and it is best to rub hard with a chamois or towel , or use a special silver chamois (in this case you do not need to apply excessive force, otherwise you will also take the bathroom in the attempt), it will leave immediately too. As with all jewelry, it is recommended that you apply perfume before putting on your earrings so that it is not applied directly to the earring exposing it to chemicals and endangering the earring.

It may sound strange, but the more you use your Tiny earrings, the more ventilated they will be, the less exposed to prolonged humidity, and the better they will keep their gold plating in perfect condition. What you hear, the more you put them on, the better.

If you don't find an opportunity to wear them a lot, keep them in a dry and well-ventilated place, since keeping them in a box with little ventilation for a long time can also occasionally cause some brown spots to appear in the gold bath of your Tiny. Don't worry! As we mentioned, these are normal reactions in metal baths such as gold. We suggest two options, either use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol (we remind you never to use alcohol on methacrylate!) and gently rub the area where the spots have appeared, or, if that has not worked because the spots have a time and you had not noticed, what has turned out to be more effective is to use toothpaste. Yes, what you hear! Take a little cotton for the ears, put it on toothpaste, rub a little and in a matter of seconds you will see how everything is gone . We recommend that you do not abuse this technique too much to better preserve the gold bath, but it is perfect for fine-tuning and, once the spots are detected, and removing them with toothpaste, put them in a more ventilated place and, what we said, use them and enjoy them a lot!

And if even so, it's December and you're in the Christmas mood and you want to save your Tiny fish and ice cream until it starts to get nice again and you want to reserve your kiwipomelo for the change of season, our recommendation is to wrap the earrings in tissue paper and , once wrapped, keep them in their box. This will prevent moisture (and unwanted surprises when you go for it).

The clasp on my Tiny earring has come loose and I'm afraid it's going to get lost”:

That has a very simple solution!

These clasps are made of gold-plated silver, and unlike other metals, silver is very soft, so depending on how they are opened (for example, if you use your fingernail to push the stick up to open the clasp) can give a little of yes. The good thing is that being a flexible metal, if we move it, it returns to its place super quickly and in a very simple way: you just have to press the stick down slightly, gently, and it will close again without problem.

Try it, and if I have not explained myself well , write to us and we will send you a video.

In short: put on perfume and creams before putting on your earrings, show off your earrings with enthusiasm, clean them when you take them off and wear them a lot! And if you have them stored for a while, let it be in a very ventilated place or inside a box wrapped in tissue paper.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to tell us. Our jewels are designed to last forever, and that your collection will only grow, so do not hesitate to ask us everything you need to know.

Here we are for you.