Maxi earrings for each type of guest dress

Maxi earrings for each type of guest dress: find yours

If this wedding season has made one thing clear to us, it is that maxi earrings are what make the difference in any sophisticated look.

Like you, there are many of us who need a little guidance to be the wedding guest we would like to be, and to be able to wear that look that says: "this is me". And if you are one of those who enjoys wearing XXL earrings, and you are looking for the ideal ones to nail that outfit you dream of, don't worry, today we propose 3 brief but infallible combinations of wedding guest dresses and extra large earrings.

Combination of monocolor dress with maxi earrings

The key to elevate any monocolor look, especially if they are sober colors such as navy blue, dark green or brown, is to put on gold, silver or, why not, colored earrings. let them see each other Because you know yourself and you know that you have not come to this wedding to go unnoticed. That's not your roll.

Personally my choice from the new kiwipomelo collection are undoubtedly the ' Cuore Sacro ' earrings (what better excuse to celebrate love than with these earrings!?) or the ' Albero di Limoni '

Printed dress combined with XXL earrings

The variety of colorful earrings that you can find to go with is sooo wide. Surely you will find some that can combine with THAT color that has the printed flowers, stripes, or any daring wave of your dress.

Our suggestion? Earrings rather of the same hue that combine with one of the colors of your dress.

For example, our ' Albero di Arance ' with that amazing dress from Laagam or our ' Diana '.

Combination of earrings to match the atmosphere of the wedding

Yes, yes, you heard right. A ceremony in front of the sea? In a vineyard? In the south of Spain, in a rural environment? The options you have with the kiwipomelo 'Dolce Vita' collection are endless. Yes, this is for very daring girls, but that is in the DNA of kiwipomelo.

We leave you some examples of the craziest mixes that will not leave anyone indifferent:

Ines Marti

~ Here for the internet fashion. I love fashion and its online communities. I have followed kiwipomelo since its inception and I met its founders a long time ago. For the most fun of all, I have come to talk about the jewels of this colorful brand, the salt shaker that represents it, and that you can get to know it a little better.