Bougainvillea Butterfly


A butterfly, with sparkles of glitter from the French Riviera, carries with it the metamorphosis of evolution, where beauty merges with transformation .

Resin Butterfly Ring

Materials and colors: Translucent fuchsia soy vegetable resin with matching crystals embedded.

Size: 2.5x4.5cm

Handcrafted in Spain: There may be slight variations between the ring and the photograph, since the color may vary a little and there may be cases where the ring has some bubbles. This is due to the artisanal process of the piece and we do not consider it as a defect but as a nuance that makes your piece unique, special and unrepeatable.

Make sure your kiwipomelo rings do not come into contact with soap, alcohol, hydrological gel, creams and perfumes so that they do not deteriorate, break or lose their color and, although it is very tempting because you are going to look incredible with your kiwipomelo rings, don't mess around in the pool or the sea with them. We know they look like jelly beans, but don't be confused, they can't be eaten :-)
To clean your jewelry, use a chamois cloth or brush to clean the nooks and crannies.

Store them in their original box, in a dry place and away from direct sunlight so that they remain as good as the first day.

Kiwipomelo size guide: Here we leave you an equivalence table to know what your size is. If you don't know your size, measure the inner diameter of one of your rings so you can find the equivalence in our table. Tip: to make your measurements, use a thick ring, since thick rings do not size the same as thin ones because a little more size is usually needed for thick rings. If after taking your measurements you still have doubts, we recommend taking a size larger , this way you will ensure that it will be looser and more comfortable for you.

Size S - Spain: 12 | EU: 52 | US: 6 | UK: M | Diameter: 16.6mm | Circumference: 52mm

Size M - Spain: 14 | EU: 54 | US: 7 | UK: O | Diameter: 17.2mm | Circumference: 54mm

Size L - Spain: 16 | EU: 56 | US: 7.5 | UK: P 1/2 | Diameter: 17.9mm | Circumference: 56mm

Order preparation time: 24 to 72 business hours. If your order has to arrive on a certain date, write to us and we will do our best.

Shipping costs: check our rates in our frequently asked questions .

The shipping price is calculated in the cart after entering the shipping address. Customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

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