Pink Crystal Lilies


In a magical and unknown place in the Mexican mountains, rose lilies grew that seemed to have been bathed in diamonds. Its petals were soft and silky, and shone with a radiance that seemed to come from a dream world.

The locals say that these lilies were the most precious treasure of a tribe of nomads who lived in the mountains. For them, pink lilies were a source of power and magic, capable of curing illnesses and granting impossible wishes.

It was said that the lilies bloomed only once a year, on the darkest night of winter, when the stars shone their brightest. On that magical night, the nomads would gather in the field of lilies, singing songs and offering offerings to the gods, so that they would bless their souls and hearts with the light and brilliance of the flowers.

Pair of methacrylate flower earrings

Closure: You can choose between clip closure (clamp without stick) and pressure (stick and nut, the most common)

Materials and colors: Mirror pink and lilac glitter methacrylate, glass applications in pink and lilac tones, on an opaque lilac base.

Size: 6.5 x 6cm

Weight: 10g. Very light!

Handmade in Spain

Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with alcohol and perfumes so that they do not lose color, bathe or crack and, although it is very tempting because you are going to look amazing with your kiwipomelo, avoid getting into the pool or the sea with them. To clean your jewelry, use a chamois.

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