The star


The Star illuminates, brings hope and inspiration. A great star stars in this card, surrounded by the seven stars that symbolize the seven chakras. A butterfly, symbol of nature and tree of life, accompanies this scene.

The Star reminds you that everything you need, you will find it for what is a symbol of faith. Its illumination penetrates the darkness and removes the unnecessary from you.

She is purity and reveals the purity of everything that surrounds you. She pushes you to grow. Energy, fertility, creation. Its power lies in sweetening, with its light, all the struggles you have to face.

Pair of methacrylate earrings

Closure: You can choose between clip closure (clamp without stick) and pressure (stick and nut, the most common)

Materials and colors: Blue glitter methacrylate, green glitter and blue and gold mirror. Inlaid with gold-plated silver stars with zircons.

Size: 6x9cm

Weight: 11g. Very light!

Handmade in Spain | Cristina Mata wearing The Star

Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with alcohol and perfumes so that they do not lose color, bathe or crack and, although it is very tempting because you are going to look amazing with your kiwipomelo, avoid getting into the pool or the sea with them. To clean your jewelry, use a chamois.

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