Stripes Maxi Jewelry Box


Imagine a captivating three-story jewelry box, a jewel in itself, made of transparent methacrylate and a truly special and colorful lid. This piece not only stores your precious treasures, but displays them with elegance and sophistication.

The lid, far from being just a protector, transforms into a tiny dressing table when opened, offering you an intimate and flirtatious space to select your jewelry with style. This design, while boasting understated luxury, adds a dose of charm to your daily routine.

The transparency of methacrylate allows light to dance across your jewelry, enhancing its shine and creating a dazzling visual effect. Each floor of the jewelery box is a showcase.

Personalization is the essence of this gem.

This model is also customizable. You can buy it with colored stripes or put the name or word you want on the lid, and thus have the most special and unique jewelry box of all. If you want it personalized, tell us the name or word you want us to put in 'Order Notes' or send us an email when you finish your purchase and we will get to it. Personalized jewelry box preparation time: 5 business days.

Methacrylate jewelry box.

Materials and colors: transparent methacrylate base with colored folding lid in different textures and finishes . The lid, when opened, becomes a small dressing table with its mirror.

Dimensions: 18cm x 12cm x 10cm approx.

There may be slight differences between photography and reality due to the unique nature of the materials and craftsmanship.

Handmade in Spain

Prevent your jewelry box from coming into contact with alcohol and perfumes so that they do not lose color, tarnish or crack. To clean your jewelry box, use the cloth that comes with the jewelry box.

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