Veracruz is a journey. A well deserved trip after a year of hard work. A trip in which to feel free, strong, independent.
An opportunity to discover new cultures, to soak up all the color and joy of Mexican culture with its ancestral history full of Aztec mysteries as well as its current history, full of mystery and joy.

In this collection inspired by Mexican culture and colors we could not, nor did we want to, leave behind elements as typical as handcrafted piñatas, the fiery Tabasco, mariachi instruments or genuine wrestling masks, among others.

Veracruz is also conceived as a magical world in which everything is possible. In which in its jungles you find pure alebrijes carriers of protection and good fortune. Tigers and more fauna full of color and brightness.

Mexico would not be what it is without its flora, its fauna and its rich variety.

We imagined a garden full of magical flowers in impossible colors.

Flowers of vibrant transparent colors, golden flowers as if they were found in an Aztec excavation, iridescent flowers that change depending on how they move and with the sunlight.

A reflective, bright and beautiful flora, of all possible colors.

Flowers that adorn our ears, neck and fingers as if they were enveloping us like fantastic figures. Jungle bouquets that climb up our ears, cascades of petals that cover our shoulders...

In this collection we want you to feel unique and special on a day-to-day basis and in all your most special events with high-detailed pieces and with more shine than ever with our glitter and crystals.

Each collection calls for a range of colors. This collection asked us for each and every one of them and all the detail and precision that we could give... But the best thing: it asked us for brilliance in abundance, that's why you will see crystals of all colors that will only emphasize that light of yours.

As always, we like to bring you jewelry that makes you smile, that is special and that does not leave behind that craft that is so characteristic of ours, in which each piece requires hours of dedication and affection.

In this collection we bring you everything and in all sizes: Stud earrings, Tiny earrings, Maxi, super Maxis, convertibles, climbers (how much did you ask us for!!). Minimal necklaces, such as our gold-plated silver chains, with colored zirconia and our most characteristic pendants in the collection, the most striking necklaces full of color and figures. Maxi rings with setting plated in one micron of gold, with adaptable sizing and resin flowers with crystals.

And some unique bags, currently available for pre-sale, that will transform your look and become that most special piece in your wardrobe to turn to whenever you want to stand out from the crowd.

Veracruz is color, crafts, culture and joy. We want you to enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

What will this trip bring us? The future is uncertain. But what we certainly know is that we are going to enjoy it in a big way. Stay with us so you don't miss anything of this journey that has only just begun...