climbing bouquet


The natural flower earrings climbed over the young woman's ears with a magical grace and a shine of their own light. They were not simple decorations, but living beings that clung to his skin with unwavering love. The colors were so vibrant that they seemed to shine with their own light, and the perfume they emanated was the sweetest and most captivating that the young woman had ever smelled.

The young woman could not explain how she had acquired those earrings. They just appeared in his life, like a gift from nature itself. Since then, he was not separated from them, no matter where he went or what occasion he was in. The earrings were her constant company and her source of inspiration.

Pair of climbing earrings made of methacrylate and gold-plated sheet

Setting: Gold-plated silver pressure setting. No additional holes are needed to be able to wear this earring, as it adapts to the earlobe.

Materials and colors: red glitter, orange glitter and blue glitter methacrylate with colored crystals, with 24K gold-plated sheet.

Size: 3.0 x 1cm

Weight: So light that you won't even notice it when you're wearing it!

* This earring is sold in pairs. Price indicated per pair.

Handmade in Spain

Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with alcohol and perfumes so that they do not lose color, bathe or crack and, although it is very tempting because you are going to look amazing with your kiwipomelo, avoid getting into the pool or the sea with them. To clean your jewelry, use a chamois.

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