The Ancient Watcher


In the golden age of the Aztec empire, there was an ancient watchman of gold and jade whose duty it was to protect his people from external threats. This guardian, whose name has been lost over time, was famous for his supernatural ability to detect and neutralize any danger that threatened the safety of his people.

With his golden armor and gleaming jade weapons, the ancient ranger moved with divine elegance and grace, as if his figure were carved from the very elements of nature. His commanding presence and fighting prowess made him a legendary figure, feared by his enemies and revered by his people.

Pair of methacrylate earrings

Closure: You can choose between clip closure (clamp without stick) and pressure (stick and nut, the most common)

Materials and colors: Hand-satinized stainless steel and 24K gold-plated with green marbled methacrylate applications and gold mirror.

Size : 8x5cm

Weight: 6g. Very light!

Handmade in Spain

Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with alcohol and perfumes so that they do not lose color, bathe or crack and, although it is very tempting because you are going to look amazing with your kiwipomelo, avoid getting into the pool or the sea with them. To clean your jewelry, use a chamois.

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